Unbelievably proud to announce that the project I’ve been working on for Warrior Films has come to fruition. The short film [11 min] and supplemental guides/curricula that seek to offer invitations to begin dialog surrounding the need and incorporation of meaningful and intentional rites of passage and mentorship in families, communities, schools, organizations, etc are available for free after signing up at the links below. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with Frederick Marx [who made the film] on this project. Here are few words from him:

“For 15 years it has been my dream to make a 90 minute feature film on the subject of rites of passage/youth mentorship programs. That day will hopefully still come. But the issue is too pressing to wait. That’s why I am releasing the short film version now, absolutely free.

I am able to offer the film and curricula to you without charge due to the generosity of donors, volunteers and staff that have contributed their time, money and other invaluable resources to help all of this come to life. I thank you and invite you to join the movement and sign up at this link to receive the short film”

View the Film HERE

Access the Curricula/Guides HERE

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