Without using explicatives every other word to express our excitement [which verges on spontaneous combustion] we are deeply jubilant to announce that Make Trybe and For Strange Women Perfume are holding hands.

For those of you living on another planet [aromatically speaking] For Strange Women is the brainchild of the modern day alchemist Jill McKeever, who in response to the world of chemically informed modern production, began a journey of natural sensations, that we consider to be the very heart of transformative design. She explains:

“I fell in love with herbalism, aromatherapy, and finally, the emotionally rich realm of natural perfumery. I specialize in interpreting strange and niche concepts, capturing familiar scents that take you back in time, and creating complex textures with scent as well as with every element of its packaging. I find a great sense of comfort in minimally processed materials and want to share this with you through each of the senses.”

As of the Spring 2015, the school will be incorporating 3 of the hard perfumes [Black Sage, Antique Settee, Evergreen Mountain] and 1 of the perfume oils [Astral Projection] into our Transformative Quests as well as our newest program, the Saved by Fiction, Literary Meditation Series. They will aid in our practices of multi-sensory reflection, meditation, and all around re-connection with place and person.

Find out more about Jill and For Strange Women HERE

Find out more about Natural Perfume HERE

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