Welcome to 2015! As we all deal with the winter months in our own creative and individual ways, come February it’s time for the Trybe to light its fires anew.

On Saturday February 7th and Sunday February 8th from 1-4 pm the school will open its ‘doors,’ brew some coffee and hot chocolate, and be available for a fireside chat [indoors].

If you’ve ever considered taking a course, or just have interest in the school or Wickerson Studios in general, what we’ve learned from last year is that simply having a conversation about what we do face to face is the best way to make sense of whether it’s right for you [though we of course think it’s right for everybody]. It’s also a way to engage with the Studio in a way that makes sense for people who might not ordinarily venture our way.

So come out and let’s talk about identity, art, reflection, rites of passage, vision quests, authentic connection, deep community, and anything else you’d like, or just come and enjoy the space. And we can’t escape the mandatory INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! plug so there’s that, deal with it.

We hope to see you there; spring courses will be announced the following week on the 15th.

Seek Vision – Walk Story – Live Truth – Make Trybe

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